AtlantikFX8 – Will They Scam You?

Website URL:

Founded: 2009

Regulations: N/A

Languages: N/A

Deposit Methods: N/A

Minimum Deposit: $250

Free Demo Account: Yes

Number of Assets: 4

Types of Assets: Forex Currency Pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Commodities

There is not much to say about the website of AtlantikFX8 since upon checking the website as of late, there is no website that shows up. Inputting the website into your browser will redirect you to a different website that also shows an error 404 message.

Atlantik Forex claims to be a widely licensed brokerage business, but as we have said, this is simply not the case. Atlantik Forex is thought to be based in Albania, and while they claim to have sought for a license with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, they are currently unlicensed.

Furthermore, due to the lack of a business name or corporate backdrop in the presentation, we are unsure of the identity of the firm behind the website. To cut a long tale short, Atlantik Forex are clearly uncontrolled con artists in which you have no reason to put your confidence.

Trading Accounts and Conditions

There’s not much to say when it comes to the trading accounts that AtlantikFX8 offers since there is absolutely no way to know what these are. The same goes for the conditions of the website.

AtlantikFX8 – Advantages

The only advantage to this online broker is the fact that no one else will be scammed by them since their website is down currently. Aside from that, there is nothing else that AtlantikFX8 can offer.

AtlantikFX8 – Disadvantages

Uses A Fake Location

The broker’s official address is shown to be in Albania. We don’t think of this country when we think about forex trading, and it’s true that there isn’t a large FX community there. The Albanian Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA, Autoriteti I Mbikqyrjes Financiare), the country’s main financial regulator, makes no mention of the fact that it oversees this specific broker. As a result, even though AtlantikFX8 is based in Albania, we believe it is not regulated there.

There are also no legal documents, indicating that the firm is not legitimate. Legal documentation is essential for any internet firms, and the broker’s lack of them demonstrates how little it cares about its customers. Furthermore, there are no legal grounds on which the user can file a lawsuit against AtlantikFX8. AtlantikFX8 is unregulated and poses a threat to everyone.


Minimum Deposit

Plus500 is a FTSE 250 listed brokerage providing online trading services in CFDs, across 2,000+ securities and multiple asset classes.


Minimum Deposit

The company was created as a combined effort of financial professionals and experts in web-commerce with the goal of perfecting the online experience for retail traders.


Trading Software Although Looks Nice Isn’t Credible

There is an MT5, which, while a good choice for anybody, poses a danger here due to the broker’s lack of regulation. Many unregulated brokers purchase this MT5 or find other ways to gain access to it. However, the presence of this terminal should not be seen as a vote of confidence in AtlantikFX8. Above all, this broker remains a danger to everybody, as well as an illegal brokerage.

Withdraw, Deposit, And Fees

The following payment details were obtained directly from the website. As a result, be aware that these may not be the actual payment terms. The required minimum deposit is $250. There isn’t much else to say regarding the payment options. Withdrawal information, as well as other deposit information, is omitted, and there is no way to verify for sure without creating an account.

We are severely limited in our search for payment information due to a lack of legal documentation. We usually acquire the majority of the payment information from there. Another strong sign that the broker is a full hoax and a risk to everybody is the lack of payment information. As a consequence, we do not advise anyone to work with this scam and slacker business. Every investment is at risk.

The Users Will Make No Money At All

You should not believe that you can make even a dollar with an unregulated, low-credibility broker like AtlantikFX8, since you will almost certainly be cheated. “Continually revolutionizing the financial management business, to offer financial markets to everyone, everywhere,” says Atlantik Forex. They also claim to have “an AI robot scanning market algorithm for totally automated income support” on their website.

If you’re wondering what’s wrong with this, it’s the concept that Atlantik Forex will manage your trading account in some way. Keep in mind that practically all brokers, including legitimate ones, tend to behave as market makers, which means that they profit when traders lose money.

So, whether you use an “Artificial intelligence robot scanning market algorithm for completely automatic earning assistance” or not, market makers like AtlantikF8 would have every motivation to mismanage your trades and cause you to lose everything to the last penny for their own profit.


AtlantikFX8’s main page is a registration form in a foreign language that encourages consumers to invest and “spin the wheel.” We discovered a technique to go to the website without finishing this, however the preliminary page is actually an introduction source, which is where most fraudsters route their victims.

In terms of AtlantikFX8’s website and experience, it’s clear that the firm isn’t legitimate and that something is seriously wrong with it.

We quickly concluded that registering an account is a faraway dream after looking at the confusion that is AtlantikFX8’s website — a jumble of colors, settings, and subpages that all confuse us and users. On both the live and demo account creation tools, we received an error page.

We must take all trade information from the internet, and we must not trust it since shady brokers would modify it for their own gain. The following financial instruments are available on the site: forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities. The buy/sell pricing charts are the property of a third party and do not reflect the broker’s trading circumstances. As a result, we are unable to continue with the spread.

The difficulty is that, despite the fact that the main page indicates that the initial spread is 0.01 pips, there is no way to verify this. Leverage is limited to 1:200. There are no additional languages available on the website.



  • Uses A Fake Location
  • Trading Software Although Looks Nice Isn’t Credible
  • Withdraw, Deposit, And Fees
  • The Users Will Make No Money At All

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