Bitski enables digital commerce on the metaverse.

Commerce has been codified for the metaverse with the recent launch of the Bitski web3 platform. On its website, the company claims that its reason for existing is “…to increase accessibility, participation and creator sovereignty in the internet economy.”

The launch of Bitski’s digital wallet and commerce solution has its sights set on being a first mover to drive broad corporate and consumer adoption across the nascent immersive, metaverse environment that’s rapidly developing online.

According to Bitski’s announcement issued right before Christmas, it empowers owners and creators ranging from large corporate brands to individual artists to launch their own metaverse storefront of digital merchandise – kind of like a next-gen Shopify. 

What’s different, is that Bitski offers an assortment of blockchain-based application programming interfaces (API) – basically software and coding that allow cross-chain engagement – so users can sell and interact on their preferred gaming channels and platforms. The company claims this novel project gives creators and developers greater control over their content and digital points of sale.

“We’ve been finetuning the process of creating and selling digital goods since 2017 for everyone from newcomers to professional developers. Now that the waitlist period is over, we’re excited to be the only platform that helps brands, games and creators alike transition from web2 to web3 commerce,” stated CEO Donnie Dinch in the company’s announcement.

Key features of Bitski’s solution include:

  • A simplified content management system that makes it easy to create and sell unlimited virtual items on a branded storefront in as few as three clicks. 
  • The Bitski commerce flow allows end users who don’t own crypto to set up a Bitski wallet at the point of purchase with just an email and password. That eliminates the need to secure a separate digital wallet or cryptocurrency from a crypto exchange in advance.
  • Its wallet and API tools enable users to incorporate blockchain commerce into existing e-commerce, games, and social platforms on or off Bitski’s channels.

Corporate accounts that currently use Bitski to enable their customers to access and buy digital products include: adidas, Levi’s,  RTFKT, U.S.Open,  WWE, American Eagle, Major League Soccer and more. 


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