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Needless to say, very few leaders or organizations have the necessary skills to successfully cast a vision and execute toward its fulfillment. 

One company that’s striving to strike that perfect balance within the cryptocurrency space is Brokoli. Created in April 2021, claims to be the first green decentralized finance (DeFi) project at scale. 

According to its Chief Marketing Officer, Monika Poskute, Brokoli has a vision of creating a worldwide, environmentally friendly blockchain-based business that also executes DeFi services such as lending, borrowing, staking, and trading at premier levels.

“We plan to provide people with the very same crypto services that they’re used to - the same seamless, smooth processes that they receive every day, swap their tokens, lend, and borrow. The only thing that’s going to change is that our vision will incorporate a green layer in between all of that. 

Our ‘green vision’ is to offset the damage they’re doing with their own transactions. We will achieve this by linking user transactions to real-world eco-friendly projects including: tree forestation and conservation, e-waste management, and renewable energy projects - no one else is doing this at scale, only Brokoli,” 

said Poskute in her exclusive interview with DailyCoin.

She says Brokoli has a big vision because it has to – the environmental stakes are too high. 

For instance, Poskute says the combined crypto mining on both the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks consumes more energy than the entire country of Turkey over the same time period. 

She says they must boldly execute against that vision because the environmental clock is ticking. The Brokoli team believes they can help reverse climate change if they act fast. 

That’s why they’re executing a handful of major initiatives all at once. They have blockchain in hand, they have GameFi, we have NFTs, we have DeFi. According to her, everything adds up. Once she came to Brokoli, she understood that what they’ve accomplished thus far is only the beginning. 

“There’s so much more that we plan to create and execute. And that’s the intriguing part, because our team is so experienced and everyday it’s like, ‘we can do this, we can do that, what about this, and we can add that.’ 

We understand that we have plenty of projects on our roadmap, but we also understand that no one else is executing a green campaign at this scale - I don’t want to overstate it, but we’re pioneers in what we are doing,” 

said Poskute.

Not only does Brokoli intend to have a positive impact on the environment, reduce crypto’s carbon effect to zero, and help reverse the climate damage done thus far by crypto – she says they want to inspire other visionaries and strategists as well.

“There are of course other organizations that are aiming for niche types of problems in the industry as well. We’re encompassing it all, and we’re hoping that that’s going to be an example and set the pace for other projects. We hope to inspire them to lead and create their own solutions - there’s plenty of opportunity and work that must be done by us all,” 

she said.


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