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✅ Official whitepaper released on April 2019. 

Development Stage:

✅ Terra’s mainnet was officially launched in April 2019.

Terra’s most significant mainnet upgrade since its inception was Columbus-5, which went live in September 2021.  

✅ Terra offers stablecoins pegged to many of the world’s major fiat currencies, and also to the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies.

❌ Terra has 16 protocols built on its network, a number which is much lower when compared to other blockchains. 

✅ The Anchor Protocol and the Mirror Protocol are the main DeFi protocols operating on Terra.  Anchor offers incentivized staking yield services, while the Mirror Protocol enables the creation and usage of synthetic assets.

✅ Terra allows cross-chain stablecoin transactions between Terra, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Harmony blockchains.

✅ The Terra community voted to burn 89 million LUNA tokens in mid-November 2021.


❌ There is currently no sign of an official roadmap for 2022 and beyond as of this writing.

✅ The Terra ecosystem is expected to grow by double, or even more in 2022, with dozens of new projects jumping onboard. 


✅ The project has partnerships with over 15 e-commerce companies, including mobile payment app ‘Chai,’ which also has MasterCard integration.

✅ Terra currently has 13 organizational investors, including Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, 1kx, Delphi Digital,, Ventures, and Huobi Capital.


✅ The project’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was held from January to February 2019 for $0.800 per 1 LUNA, and raised $62 million.


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