Dash and Bitcoin Cash Elliott Wave Analysis – Be Aware Of Reversal Down

For now, we are still observing a minimum three-wave a/1-b/2-c/3 decline, but we prefer wave 3, so watch out for more downside pressure this week, especially if the price drops towards wave 3 levels.

DSHUSD is coming above June highs and 200 area, but we are still looking for a potential a-b-c flat correction within wave B that can find the resistance around 280 – 330 zone, just keep in mind that upside can be limited and a reversal down for wave C may occur anytime soon.

Dash 4h Elliott Wave Analysis Chart

BCHUSD is in a bigger intraday recovery mode, but also as part of a three waves A-B-C flat correction in wave (B), so watch out for limited rise and be aware of another reversal down for wave (C), probably and ideally here around 800 – 1000 area.

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