Dogecoin Cofounder is Not Happy With Community-Ruining DOGE Holders

Dogecoin is one of the leading cryptocurrencies and the top meme coin in the market. The coin recently lost its place amongst the top ten by market cap but has been rallying over the past few hours.

Dogecoin Cofounder is Not Happy with Some Community Members

Dogecoin co-founder Shibetoshi Nakamoto recently talked about DOGE holders who try to ruin the community from within. The co-founder tweeted a diagram describing those people that are toxic to the Dogecoin ecosystem.


Among the Dogecoin holders, Shibetoshi slammed those who criticize people who use Robinhood for their trading activities. Robinhood came under scrutiny a few months ago for the role it played during the GameStop meme trading saga. At the time, Robinhood stopped its users from withdrawing their earnings after the stock surged by hundreds of percentages within a short period.

As a result, some Dogecoin users blast people that use Robinhood to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and stocks. The next set of people are those who believe Dogecoin hodlers can’t be pro NFTs and pro DOGE at the same time. He also slammed those who criticize brands and influencers, calling them freeloaders.

Another group that came under scrutiny are those who believe people shouldn’t own other cryptocurrencies and be pro DOGE. The message in the diagram shows that the co-founder believes it is okay to hold certain ideas and use certain products and still be pro DOGE.

Shibetoshi has a history of slamming people who try to ruin the Dogecoin community from within. Dogecoin has gathered a huge following within the cryptocurrency space, including popular names such as Elon Musk.

DOGE Eyes the $0.20 Level

DOGE has been performing excellently over the past few hours following the poor performance recorded in recent weeks. Over the past three months, DOGE has lost more than 20% of its value and is no longer one of the top ten cryptocurrencies at the moment.

DOGE’s technical indicators are still negative despite recent rally. Source: FXEMPIRE

However, DOGE is rallying at the moment, and its technical indicators show signs of a coin in recovery. At press time, DOGE’s MACD line is still within the negative territory due to the poor performances recorded over the past three months. Furthermore, the 14-day RSI of 43 shows that DOGE is getting out of the oversold region following weeks of bearish tendencies. At the moment, DOGE is trading below its 50-day SMA of $0.2136.

However, DOGE could rally towards the first major resistance level of $0.20 in the coming hours if the market maintains its current momentum. In the event of an extended rally, DOGE could surge past its 50-day moving average price over the coming hours.

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