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The number of decentralized freelancing job platforms is growing, with many options to select from. We interviewed two freelancers and a representative from LaborX, to see the perks of working with a different payment system than the majority is used to.

Lukas Merville, a successful freelancer from Canada, top-rated on LaborX, shares his experience about working on the platform:

“LaborX is my very first experience working as a freelancer on a blockchain-powered job-seeking site. In early 2020, during the pandemic, I had to find a way to generate revenue from home. I came across LaborX, created a profile, and received offers almost immediately. I was already familiar with crypto, so for me, the adoption was instantaneous. Since then, I haven’t looked back. LaborX is a safe platform that handles payments brilliantly.”

Another user, Isreal Ufumaka – a highly regarded freelancer that chose LaborX over other freelancing platforms – said he did so because of the higher income when receiving crypto payments:

“I was on Anytask, Fiverr, and Upwork. I switched to LaborX because I was looking for a better source of income as a freelancer. I prefer getting paid in crypto because it's simple and easy, and charges, like on Skrill and other platforms, are eliminated. Also, I can choose to invest my pay by trading them or staking.”

Alexandra Kugusheva, communications manager from LaborX explained to DailyCoin how the platform works. 

LaborX is a decentralized freelancer platform. Just like other popular on-demand work sites, LaborX connects Customers with Freelancers, but in this case, there are no middlemen. LaborX is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing the process of organizing work and getting paid to be managed using smart contracts.

The user interface of LaborX is similar to other freelance portals. Freelancers can upload Gigs, which offer fixed-price tasks for Customers to buy off the peg. Alternatively, Customers can post their Jobs if they are looking for something specific, and Freelancers can browse these opportunities and apply if their skills and experience match. Once funds are escrowed by the Customer, again using a smart contract, the Freelancer can begin work, and if the job is completed as required, payment is made automatically to their crypto wallet.


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