“I Would Much Prefer to Be Paid in Crypto,” Says OnlyFans Creator — DailyCoin

Blockchain-powered platforms can offer many advantages to content creators, as the fees are minimal and users are free to set their own rules.

One of the alternatives could be the social platform Only1. It’s built on the Solana blockchain, and presents itself as a place where “fans will have the ability to invest, access, and earn from the limited edition contents created by the world’s largest influencers/celebrities, all powered by NFTs.”

MyyStar is a brand new content creation platform created by rapper Tyga that’s going to start up in October and is a direct competitor to OnlyFans. The platform encourages cryptocurrency payments and payouts (with the possibility ​​to sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain) and is going to be more client-friendly with only a 10% fee deducted from the creators’ earnings.

For Nicole DeCicco, CEO of Blockchain Consulting Services CryptoConsultz, decentralized platforms are the answer to more freedom for content creators. Some of the benefits of an uncensored open platform include lower platform fees, increased privacy, and a shift from a time-limited payment structure to a lifetime or multigenerational incentive model.

DeCicco commented on this topic during an exclusive interview with DailyCoin:

“Decentralization, by design, disrupts traditional centralized models by transferring control from a centralized entity to a distributed network. This transfer of power allows individuals to participate in the decision-making process in a democratized fashion ensuring the best interest of the community is always at the forefront.”

Decentralized platforms could soon replace OnlyFans by simply being more user-friendly, in comparison to centralized websites that can interfere with the work of a creator.

“The adult content direct-to-fan monetization model is not the first industry to be threatened by such disruption and it certainly will not be the last. Blockchain provides users with applications that give people the ability to manage their own digital identities and data, provides a self-governing model, prevents unwarranted censorship, and can do so while maintaining the privacy of its participants,” 

says DeCicco.

Even though decentralized platforms haven’t made it through yet, they do show a lot of potential in the future. As blockchain expert DeCicco sums up:

“So, while unwanted censorship may be the straw that breaks the camel's back, it's clear a blockchain solution for platforms like OnlyFans is poised to provide a variety of additional benefits to both the consumer and the artist.”


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