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KuCoin has a vast ecosystem filled with constant updates and developments that are almost impossible to keep track of. KuCoin aims at becoming the largest social trading platform in the crypto space. Being the native token of the ecosystem, the KuCoin Token (KCS) benefits from most of the updates.

To enhance the user experience and grow its market collaboration potential, the exchange has launched the KuCoin S Social Trading Platform. With this recent release, KuCoin is now the first major crypto trading platform to have launched social trading. 

KuCoin S will grant users access to an up-to-date crypto news feed, helping them to discover crypto gems, view new listings, discuss trending crypto topics, and learn about investors and their strategies from community leaders.

In addition, the social elements will make it easier for crypto starters to make investment decisions by enabling options to fast buy, check portfolios, copy trade, and more. 

When the KCS utility token was launched, its maximum supply was set at 200 million, with plans to buy back and burn until just 100 million KCS remained. Moving from a quarterly burn system, the KCS team has now decided to burn KCS coins monthly.

For September (the 22nd burn to date), the KCS team executed a burn of 347,620 KCS, or approximately $5.03 million USD. Following the burn, which was performed on October 21st, the current circulating supply of KCS stands at 77,325,477, while there is a total supply of 167,325,477 KCS. 

KuCoin recently announced the launch of the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), a project that allows members of the KCS community to participate as decision-makers.

KCC is a decentralized, public chain developed and based on the Ethereum blockchain to provide users with a high-speed, convenient, and low-cost experience. 


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