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As La Haus explained, the first fully integrated digital process in Latin America with cryptocurrency will soon be inaugurated in Mexico. This will be a luxury condominium located in Playa del Carmen called Kahaal.

The company, originally created in Colombia, expanded to Mexico where it is working on various real estate projects.

"Bitcoin has had a special adoption in Latin America for its convenience and security to make transactions and investments, and allows to attack clear problems in the region: inflation and the high percentage of people neglected by banks or unbanked," 

said the President and co-founder of La Haus, Rodrigo Sánchez-Ríos in a statement.

"As we expand, alternatives like Bitcoin help us overcome some of the obstacles to buying new homes with local currencies," 

he added.

The company plans to allow this payment option for all its properties that exceed 80,000 units soon. The goal is to further increase annual sales volume, which this year amounts to $1 billion in transactions.

Another company that is betting on real estate sales in BTC is the Argentine e-commerce MercadoLibre, with a presence throughout the region. The company opened a real estate section last April on its digital platform for buying and selling homes and other properties with Bitcoin.

In Argentina, BTC helped mitigate the dollar shortage generated by the exchange control applied this year by the government to try to contain permanent increases in the US currency.

Real estate companies saw cryptocurrencies as a way out of the currency crisis and are offering this new option to buyers and investors. The initiative ensured that the sales of houses and offices did not fall more in the South American country.

"For me, (Bitcoin) is another means of payment, as one can pay in cash or by bank transfer. It is a mechanism that facilitates and enables a new way to move money,"

said Gabriel Brodsky, CEO of Predial, one of the largest real estate companies in the country, to the local media


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