Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Says Bitcoin Is Crucial For Underserved Communities

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez burst onto the scene during the pandemic, after buying his first modest bitcoin stash “a few months ago.” Since then, he set a personal goal to turn his tropical city into a bitcoin-savvy economy before 2022.

That’s why Suarez is delivering the opening speech at Bitcoin 2021 on June 4 at 9 am EST. Tune in via Youtube to see what Miami’s bitcoin-savvy mayor has to say about innovation in a post-pandemic economy.

“Our City Commission voted to explore three things: paying city employees in bitcoin, residents being able to pay taxes and fees in bitcoin, and the possibility of using city funds to invest in bitcoin,” Suarez said. “My efforts revolving around bitcoin, and more particularly, my efforts revolving around the tech ecosystem as a whole are all geared towards making Miami a city that works for everyone and historically underserved communities are the ones who stand the most to gain from this disruptive technology.”

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