Michael Godard launches “Godard NFT”, a Private Collective of Artists, Collectors and Curators on a mission to bridge Digital and Physical Art through NFTs — DailyCoin

Michael Godard, the artist best known as the “Rockstar of the Art World” and a global top selling artist, today announced the launch of Godard NFT (non-fungible token), a private members only collective of 1,110 dedicated NFT collectors, curators and artists.

Each member will receive exclusive access to Godard NFT drops, physical art through “Mint-to-Print” services and access to Godard’s upcoming events and artist collaborations. Members will also have access to a private Discord server, where they can connect with other artists and collectors.

Through this collective, Godard plans to merge physical art with digital NFTs, creating in real life (IRL) experiences that provide members with exclusive access to limited edition physical and digital works.

"Over the years my art has evolved from painting with a brush to using a tablet. Now I have an opportunity to bridge two worlds: combining fine art that's made by hand with blockchain technology. We're really excited to be engaging with the community in this way, and we can't wait to see what incredible work we discover and bring to a global audience!",

said Godard.

The January 28th launch is just the first phase with more to be revealed in the coming weeks, including a genesis drop inspired by some of his most popular paintings, a profile picture (PFP) drop of his iconic olive characters and partnership announcements with globally recognized artists, creators, who will be crafting or contributing to the community.


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