NFTs Starring Robert De Niro Respond to the Price of Ethereum — DailyCoin

Robert De Niro has joined a growing number of celebrities by stepping into the NFT space. The two time Oscar winner is to be the face of a brand new project co-created by LIT token and Transient Labs.

LIT Project Two: Motion, starring legendary actor Rober De Niro, was launched on the 7th of January. ‘Motion’ is “a reflection, an exploration of the dynamic interplay between market volatility and emotional volatility,” according to its description.

The reactive NFT collection features various facial expressions from De Niro, which dynamically change in response to Ethereum’s price fluctuations.

“Do you do the same? This technology is alive,”

writes the project’s description.

The prices of the NFTs vary depending on the size, and calculated by timespan, ranging from five minutes to one year in motion.

According to OpenSea, over 3,600 Robert De Niro NFTs have already been purchased from the 4,617 NFTs in total, as of this writing.


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