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Ethereum scaling solution, Polygon, has announced the discontinuation of its BEP-2 tokens. Polygon launched the MATIC BEP-2 token in 2019n after its MATIC listing and integration with the Binance DEX and its main chain (not the Binance Smart Chain). 

BEP-2 is a standard for tokens created by Binance to allow customers to send assets faster. The MATIC BEP-2 token was launched to provide added liquidity, autonomy, more trading pairs, and security for MATIC Holders.

Polygon Discontinues MATIC BEP-2

Polygon explained that it conferred with Binance to discontinue MATIC BEP-2 due to low usage of the tokens. Failing to achieve the purpose of its launch, the 150 million MATIC BEP-2 tokens will be discontinued. Polygon announced;

Holders of the MATIC BEP-2 tokens will be required to transfer them to Binance and withdraw them as MATIC on Ethereum, Polygon, or BSC.

Polygon clarified that all BEP2 MATIC will burn when all users are swapping, wiping them from existence.

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Why You Should Care

Crypto projects are not immune to failing, and Polygon is looking to declutter as it builds to support multiple types of applications.


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