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Despite being sued by Miramax due to the announcement of his latest NFT collection, Quentin Tarantino has announced the sale of new, never before seen Pulp Fiction NFTs. The auction is set to take place in January, with registration opening on the 10th.

“I have the entire Pulp Fiction script written in my own hand, from page one to the last page,” Tarantino said. “It’s kind of just been sitting in a binder in my office on a filing cabinet and the only other person who’s ever seen it was the typist back in 1993.”

The award winning director also mentioned that the script includes notes, doodles, and scenes from the film that were eventually edited out.

Tarantino is the exclusive owner of the screenplay, and has turned each chapter into a unique NFT. Each NFT from the collection includes one iconic scene and personalized audio commentary from Tarantino himself.

For more information, or to register for the auction, visit the site here.


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