Ripple and Litecoin Elliott Wave Cycles Approaching The Resistance

Ripple Coin, XRPUSD is coming down following Crypto market sell-off and we warned about that long time ago. We are tracking a complex W-X-Y corrective within wave (C) and there can be room for more weakness, as strong 0.40 – 0.20 support area is still waiting before bulls show up. However, any bigger recovery back above 1.10 region would be signal for a completed wave Y of (C).

Ripple Daily Elliott Wave Analysis Chart

Litecoin, LTCUSD can be still trading within a deeper, higher degree AB-C correction that can send the price back to 100, maybe even down to 95 – 65 support zone, just watch out for more complex wave B which can be still a potential bearish running triangle pattern or maybe bigger flat that can retest 200 resistance area

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