Woman Buys A House With Bitcoin Gifted By Cheating Ex-Boyfriend

A woman shared on Elle the unusual way Bitcoin helped her buy a new house. After receiving 0.5 bitcoin from her ex-boyfriend in 2016, she had forgotten about it until this year’s rally. As she was looking for a home to buy, she pulled most of the BTC out to purchase a better house and perform some renovations.

When bitcoin climbed to $40,000 in the first semester of 2021, she faced a dilemma: to sell or not to sell. Her brother told her, “Don’t touch it,” but two financial planners said she should sell since she was looking into buying a home. Eventually, she did, pulling out $18,000, afraid that she could lose her newly-found money. Bitcoin, gifted to her by her cheating ex-boyfriend, allowed her to buy a better house than she would’ve otherwise been able to and helped with some repainting and furniture for her new place.

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